A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Version History


  • Tutorial
  • 2 New Maps Including Winnable Boss Fight
  • More Adjustments
  • More Retextures
  • Boss Fight
  • And More Bug Fixes


  • New Textures/Skins
  • New Map and Level Select
  • Lots of Bug Fixes
  • Better Balance
  • Even More Bug Fixes
  • Made it Easier to Control Tank
  • And More that I can't Remember...


In Development Fun Top-Down Action Tank Shooter Game

Directions: W to move forward, A & D to Move Left and Right

Things you might want to Know: go for the health pack at the bottom, you will earn different perks based of your kills(Left Side): regen and double shooting(more to come), you will take damage from explosion particles, if you try to go to spawn area you will be put back to a certain place(not restart)

4 Different Enemies: Drone(Red), Bomber(Green Guy), Heavy Tank(Green Tank) and the Missile Launcher(The scary one)

Install instructions

When You install it you will see a folder, open the folder. Then you will see 6 different folders:

Based on your Type of system and bit computer(ex.win=windows and 64=64 bit operating system) click on the following:

osx(apple)32,osx64, linux32, linux64, win(windows)32, win64.

after that, locate the .exe file named tanksbeta, thats your game (may want to create shortcut) this might be laggy or lag spikes based on your computer

If you have any problems please let me know, this my first game


Tanks Beta V0.2.1.zip 203 MB